We are always keen on a bit of free promo, and if it helps a good cause, then all the better !

Twestival FM is a global Twitter-based campaign that aims to raise $10,000 by asking artists to donate a track which can be either streamed and/or downloaded.   It’s part of a bigger event called Twestival (the Twitter festival) that happens on 25th March and ran last year in over 200 cities, raising over $250,000. 

It’s very easy to get involved. Twestival will get a lot of media attention, and are kicking off a PR campaign next week (w/c 15th March 2010). All you need is some good music, a Twitter account with lots of followers, and ten minutes. You get to promote your music via the site and Twitter. Fans are asked to make a voluntary donation if they like what they hear. You can choose to make the track available for download or just make it for streaming. If you can use any track you already have live on SoundCloud, but it would be more effective promo to use some current material, perhaps a bonus track from a forthcoming album release.

100% of the proceeds go to Concern Worldwide, a charity that Twestival chose to support this year because of the amazing work that they do bringing education to the world’s poorest children.

Go to and click ‘Upload a track!‘  All very painless and straight forward.

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