Killing in the Name of… ??

>Andrew Collins ,and most other commentators are right.  The current #ratm4xmas Twitter campaign is madness, as either way, the ultimate winner is Sony BMG. 

Of course, there is an alternative !  
#apples4xmas !
the healthier alternative !

Here is an Itunes Link
Here is a 7 Digital Link
Here is an Amazon link
Here is the link

We even have some tasty 7″s left…
or, treat yourself to the album

Buzzin About 

This commercial message was brought to you by Freestyle Records.

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  • ~ Gerald Short, Jazzman

    Where most distribution companies struggle, Kudos not only survive, but they prosper. No doubt due to their enterprise skills and continued investment in digital technology. And their good taste in music of course! We’re very glad to be with them and the future is bright.

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