>Kudos Distributed label Jalapeno Records  have a chance of getting one of their artists,  Smoove & Turrell  on to the Radio 2 Playlist !

They need YOUR vote to be record of the week on the The Radcliffe & Maconie Show.  Winning secures them a playlist spot. 

Here’s the link..
Just follow the instructions and vote using their web form.
At this point I would have liked to quote Mayor Daley and encourage you to “Vote Early, Vote Often”, but we dont really want to mess with the BBC Code of Conduct on such matters, now do we ?

Random Testimonial

  • ~ Mike Harding, Touch

    We have been working with Kudos since the 80s, and as such they have been a continuing source of stability, common sense and reliability. If that makes them sound dull, far from it! Always welcoming, generous and supportive, Touch could not ask for more from a business partnership. A huge thank you.

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