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If you cant find the info you are looking for, or would like to discuss further what Kudos can do for you, please use this form. Also, please see the tips on contacting us about distribution below the form.

If you are looking for distribution, here are some pointers on sending material to Kudos for consideration;

  • Using this form is honestly the best way to get in touch with us. It ensures your mail gets to our label managers.

  • Your material should be 'release ready'. There is little point in sending us very rough demos. You need to be approaching the stage where you are ready to release something.

  • We are a distributor, not a label. So, only labels need apply. If you are an artist, there is nothing stopping you from also being a label, but you need to be prepared to unashamedly promote your own releases. Some artists find this difficult.

  • We are happy to receive your demos on CD by post. See our street address at the bottom of the page.

  • Send us links to your three strongest tracks. If you are sending us albums in the post, let us know which tracks to check first.

  • We love Soundcloud links. Dropbox links are also pretty good. Please NEVER send us MP3s as email attachments!

  • Send us good music. We are fussy. Check out what we already distribute, and see how you fit into that mix.

  • You must OWN the music you send. Cover versions are generally fine, but all performances need to belong to you. We don’t distribute bootlegs, or releases with un-cleared samples.

  • We work on commission only. When we receive your submission we will be asking ourselves what YOU are going to do to persuade people to buy your music. The more successful you are at answering that simple question, the more likely we are to accept your label for distribution.

  • Let us know from the get-go what you have already done with your music. If the music you are presenting to us is already on iTunes, Beatport, Amazon, Spotify and you have already sold directly to Juno and Piccadilly, there is a pretty good chance we won’t be that interested. That’s not to say we wouldn’t possibly be interested in your future releases, but you would need to be prepared to hand over your distribution to us. We don’t offer a "filling in the gaps" service.

  • We do reply to all submissions. It sometimes takes a while, but you will normally hear back from us within 14 days.

Random Testimonial

  • ~ Aaron Schultz, Bastard Jazz

    Kudos is by far the most professional and easy-to-reach distributor I’ve ever worked with. I’d trust these guys with my children (if I had any). If that’s not enough, they really love and understand the music they’re distributing, and it shows!

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