Welcome hoya:hoya

Our ever expanding distribution family welcomes Manchester-based hoya:hoya label.

Focussing on electronic music, their releases so far have featured the likes of; Illum Sphere, Lone, Krystal Klear, Eliphino, Lorn and Ras G. So, you can understand why we’re very excited to be working with them on their future releases!

Increasing Japanese Support
In addition to our supply of Japanese translations to iTunes, we’re happy to reveal a further avenues for translations. The DDEX metadata format – touted as the future standard for all metadata – can deliver translations for search and display purposes. All opted-in releases will be delivered with translations going forward, and if you selected to translate any of your previous releases they will automatically be redelivered to all DDEX compliant stores with translations added.

Automatic Pre-orders
We are now automatically setting up preorders on all releases sent to iTunes. Preorders can boost sales and help to bump up your first week figures, increasing your chances of charting (both on the iTunes store and in the official charts). However due to iTunes guidelines, we can only set up preorders on products with standard or premium track pricing and a bundle price of less than standard (ie. Budget or Mid-price). If you would like your release to be available on preorder et iTunes, make sure you lower the bundle price accordingly.

We’ve added iTunes real-time reporting to our suite of online tools, allowing labels to monitor iTunes sales as they come in. This augments our existing reporting tools, which include chart and feature monitoring and detailed sales breakdowns.

Kudos are happy to welcome an exciting new unlimited music service to our distribution network.

The good news is that the Kudos Records catalogue will soon be available to all through Rdio!

Amazon Disc-On-Demand

Kudos Digital is now distributing to Amazon’s Disc On Demand service which allows retailers to manufacture products when they receive an order. You supply the parts (audio, metadata images), a customer orders your CD, the retailer makes one and sends it to them. No need to worry about manufacturing costs or over-production.

The service is currently only available in the US but is planned to extend to other territories in the future.

“Disc on Demand is not only making out-of-print albums available once again, but it’s also enabling digital-only titles and international titles that haven’t been released in the U.S. to be made available on CD. Music lovers and artists can now share and discover new music more easily on Amazon.”Peter Faricy, vice president of music and movies at

Playdio service to launch in early June, with opening shows by Phill Jupitas & Phil Wilding,  Peter Curran, Mark Webster, Dom Servini, TALC. More presenters to be confirmed shortly.

Occasionally, the solution to a problem addresses issues and provides features you weren’t even considering. That’s what we’ve found with Playdio. The problem we were addressing was how to create podcast-type content with fully licenced music. There have been a number of initiatives in the podcasting community over the past few years trying to tackle this very issue including attempts at blanket podcast agreements, or very specific one off waivers. These solutions are very limiting and cumbersome, and in the case of blanket licensing agreements they are also unfair to artists, as the distribution of licensing income usually relies on download and repertoire estimates.

Of course, regardless of the licensing mechanism, the overriding issue for a podcaster or programme maker is this: how do you compensate a licence holder for exploiting their work if the medium you are working in doesn’t even provide the programme maker with an earning mechanism?

By hosting radio shows in a streaming music environment, we immediately solve the primary issues of licensing and earning. All the music is fully licenced AND there is an earning mechanism for the show’s producer. Bingo!

However, the real beauty is the monetisation method… The adverts and subscriptions are completely remote from the program itself.  This ‘indirectness’ frees the programme maker to create the radio show he or she wants, without ever having to consider the whims or motives of a sponsor.  It is one of the few examples of an advertising funded model where advertising pays the piper, but doesn’t call the tune.

The other, almost incidental feature, is the control the consumer has over the show, and the additional richness of the listening experience. Listeners to a Playdio show can accurately navigate forward and back through the playlist, but perhaps more importantly, they can move ‘sideways’, navigating through an artist’s complete catalogue, adding tracks to their own playlist, and buying MP3s direct from the client as they go. Playdio shows are an ideal avenue into music discovery.

Playdio, as an idea, isn’t revolutionary. It’s simple… almost obvious. We certainly wouldn’t claim to have invented anything. In fact, the best we can say about Playdio is that we’ve dreamt up a novel chassis to sit on some very clever wheels. We plan to open the showroom in early June.

Stay tuned…


At the tail end of last year, we posted a guide to pimping your release’s Amazon listing.

Amazon have now launched new tools for labels to create individual Artist stores, complete with photos, official biogs and custom banners.  For example, here is Amazon’s Radiohead store

Fancy creating your own Artist stores ?  Its very easy.  Email your Kudos label manager, and we will organise a pre-authorised user name and password so you can access this feature.

More and more of our digital partners are requesting general Artist and label information, including press photos and biogs.  We have built a new area on the portal specifically for you to provide this information.  Please take the time to visit and complete to ensure your Artists are best presented.


We are always keen on a bit of free promo, and if it helps a good cause, then all the better !

Twestival FM is a global Twitter-based campaign that aims to raise $10,000 by asking artists to donate a track which can be either streamed and/or downloaded.   It’s part of a bigger event called Twestival (the Twitter festival) that happens on 25th March and ran last year in over 200 cities, raising over $250,000. 

It’s very easy to get involved. Twestival will get a lot of media attention, and are kicking off a PR campaign next week (w/c 15th March 2010). All you need is some good music, a Twitter account with lots of followers, and ten minutes. You get to promote your music via the site and Twitter. Fans are asked to make a voluntary donation if they like what they hear. You can choose to make the track available for download or just make it for streaming. If you can use any track you already have live on SoundCloud, but it would be more effective promo to use some current material, perhaps a bonus track from a forthcoming album release.

100% of the proceeds go to Concern Worldwide, a charity that Twestival chose to support this year because of the amazing work that they do bringing education to the world’s poorest children.

Go to and click ‘Upload a track!‘  All very painless and straight forward.

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