Kudos Records is an independent music distribution company established in 1992 and based in Kentish Town, London. We provide physical and digital distribution services to a hand picked selection of quality, independent record labels.

Our Services:

Physical Distribution:

UK – Our UK account base covers all the major chains and independent record stores including HMV, Amazon, PLAY.COM, Rough Trade, Bleep, Juno Records, Piccadilly, Phonica, Sounds of the Universe, Honest Jons, Sister Ray, Chemical, Red Eye and Soul Brother to name but a few. Over the years our consultative sales approach, (putting the right music in the right shop) has earned us the trust of all the key buyers. International – Our network of international distributors and wholesalers can provide a truly international distribution reach. We have local partners (often more than one!) in all the major music territories, including USA, Japan, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Benelux plus a host of other minor territories.

Digital Distribution:

We are an official supply and technology partner for all the major digital services, including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Napster, Nokia, Medianet, 7Digital, 24-7 , Omniphone, YouTube, RDIO, and MOG. A complete list of the services we provide can be found here. We provide efficient encoding and delivery systems using our own, in-house technology, so we have complete control of our digital supply chain. Labels can manage their digital assets through our ‘Label Portal’ which provides an intuitive interface for maintaining metadata, controlling rights, retrieving live sales information, and downloading monthly sales statements. Again, our consultative approach has earned us the trust of site programmers, ensuring that Kudos releases achieve extremely high site placement rates.


Resonate is Kudos’ in-house media and PR consultancy. Resonate can provide a variety of marketing services, from release campaigns and co-op advertising packages to social networking healthchecks. Internationally, we have a panel of local PR firms who can provide our labels with local media campaigns at preferential rates.

E-Commerce and Mailorder:

We provide a complete E-Commerce and mailorder fulfilment service as part of our standard distribution package. Our ‘K-Shop’ feature can provide a label with a completely branded, fully functioning e-commerce solution for both digital and physical sales. Labels can even create exclusive product bundles (bundle a download with a 12″; bundle a CD with a t-shirt etc). For example the Freestyle Records webstore has been constructed entirely from K-Shop Widgets.


Kudos can provide a complete manufacturing service for all formats. In fact, over 60% of our distributed labels choose to manufacture with us.

Distribution Terms and Conditions:

Distribution terms are only discussed on acceptance of your releases. If you would like us to consider your label please send your proposed releases and game plan to: Kudos Records Limited 77 Fortess Road Kentish Town London NW5 1AG Phone: +44 20 7482 4555 Fax: +44 20 7482 4551 Email: mail@kudosrecords.co.uk Kudos Records Ltd is a member of AIM and BPI.

Our Approach:

We are curatorial – We are a music company first and foremost. We believe that our greatest asset is the trust retailers and digital music services place in our A&R abilities. While much of our A&R criteria comes down to whether or not we believe in the music itself, we also consider whether a prospective label can illustrate that they understand how to effectively market their releases. We are pro-active – We take a very pro-active approach to sales and marketing. All physical and digital retailers have a dedicated Kudos account manager, who’s job it is to ensure all our releases are appropriately represented in both retail spaces. We work only on commission. Our standard agreement includes no delivery, encoding or storage charges. So, if we don’t sell your music, we don’t earn. Simple. We are transparent – We believe that transparency is key to ensuring we provide the best possible distribution service. We have an unblemished record of prompt, accurate and transparent accounting. All statements and sales data are available on line through our secure label portal, along with recharge invoices and remittance information. We are human – We don’t have voice mailboxes… you don’t have to “press 1 to leave a message for your label rep”. Call us during working hours, on +44 20 7482 4555, and you WILL speak to a living, breathing, person.

Random Testimonial

  • ~ Gerald Short, Jazzman

    Where most distribution companies struggle, Kudos not only survive, but they prosper. No doubt due to their enterprise skills and continued investment in digital technology. And their good taste in music of course! We’re very glad to be with them and the future is bright.

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