20 Years of Music Distribution

Thanks for dropping by our new Kudos Distribution site.  Here you will find out lots of general information about who we are and what we do.

This site is the home of the Kudos blog, where we like to share any ideas we have on ways a label can cost effectively represent releases to the marketplace or secure additional income streams, along with the occasional opinion piece and rant!

Next year is our 20th birthday (est. Sept 1992). The music industry has changed beyond all recognition since our inception. By offering a fully comprehensive service, encompassing both physical and digital distribution we have successfully followed the consumers changing buying habits. We are now over three times the size were were in 2006!

I hope you find the information here useful. If you are a label and you are looking for distribution, you should probably first read our FAQ section, where you will see what we can do for you, followed by our Contact page, where we explain how best to submit your material for consideration.

If you wish to check out and buy the music we distribute, you should go to www.kudosrecords.co.uk.

Thanks for visiting,

Danny Ryan
Managing Director

Random Testimonial

  • ~ Mike Harding, Touch

    We have been working with Kudos since the 80s, and as such they have been a continuing source of stability, common sense and reliability. If that makes them sound dull, far from it! Always welcoming, generous and supportive, Touch could not ask for more from a business partnership. A huge thank you.

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